As a Christian church, we exist to honour God by helping local people worship God, grow spiritually, serve others, and reach their communities and the world with the message and love of Jesus Christ.

First Baptist Church

Worship Services: 11:00am Sundays

Archived Sermons

The following sermons are available for download. Some were recorded during worship services and are available as audio MP3 files. You can listen to those on-line or download them for later listening. Starting in 2017, sermon manuscripts are also being made available in PDF format, if you prefer to read them. Availability of recordings and manuscripts varies from one worship service to the next.

MP3 before a title indicates an MP3 audio recording is available.
PDF before a title indicates a PDF manuscript is available.
* after a title indicates a guest speaker delivered all or part of the sermon

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MP3 175th Anniversary Address *

MP3 177th Anniversary


MP3 About Shepherds and Sheep

MP3 A Different Kind of King

MP3 A Different Kind of Peace

MP3 MP3 A Father's Love

MP3 All Under the Same Roof

MP3 Amazed by God

MP3 Ambassadors for Christ

MP3 MP3 Anything But This!

MP3 MP3 Are You Blind?

MP3 Are You Living or Just Existing? *

MP3 MP3 Are You Thirsty?

MP3 A Sent People

MP3 A Summer of Parables Begins

MP3 MP3 A Talent for Trouble

MP3 A Year in the Life of a New Christian *


MP3 MP3 Born Again

MP3 By Faith We Are Forgiven


MP3 Called to be Salt and Light

MP3 Change the World: Generosity

MP3 Change the World: Inclusion

MP3 Change the World: Poverty

MP3 Choosing Faith

MP3 Choosing Faith

MP3 Chosen Misfits *

MP3 Christ is King

MP3 MP3 Come to the Party

MP3 Crumbs of Grace: The Woman from Syrophoenicia

MP3 Crushed But Not Destroyed


MP3 Death Defeated

MP3 MP3 Denied

MP3 Don't Be Afraid

MP3 Do We Have an Attitude of Gratitude?

MP3 Dressed for War


MP3 Easter 2013

MP3 Easter 2015

MP3 Easter 2016 *

MP3 Encountering Jesus — Nicodemus' Story

MP3 Encountering Jesus — The Blind Man

MP3 Encountering Jesus — The Woman at the Well

MP3 Encountering Jesus — Zaccaues' Story

MP3 Encountering Jesus — Zaccheus' Story

MP3 Ephesians 1:3-12; 2:1-10; 1:15-23

MP3 Ephesians 2:11-16

MP3 Ephesians 2:1, 4-8

MP3 Ephesians 2:17-22

MP3 Ephesians 3:8-21

MP3 Ephesians 4:1-16

MP3 Ephesians 4:17-5:2


MP3 Faithfulness No Matter What

MP3 Faith in a Foreign Land

MP3 FBC Mission Work (Part 1) *

MP3 FBC Mission Work (Part 2) *

MP3 MP3 Finger Pointing

MP3 From Me to Thee


MP3 God is Still on His Throne

MP3 MP3 God's Gifted Program

MP3 MP3 God's Great Plan

MP3 God With Us and Within Us

MP3 MP3 Going to Emmaus

MP3 Good Friday 2013

MP3 Grace Upon Grace *

MP3 Gratitude → Generosity

MP3 MP3 Growing Like a Weed


MP3 Heart to God, Hand to Man

MP3 Here Am I

MP3 Here Comes My Friend *

MP3 Hope of a Nation

MP3 How Does A Good God Allow Sin?

MP3 How God Works

MP3 How Much Do You Trust?


MP3 Introducing the Psalms

MP3 Invited to Follow

MP3 Is the Father Enough?

MP3 MP3 It's All About Reconcilliation

MP3 It's Not Fair!

MP3 It's Really Quite Simple…Or Is It?

MP3 It Takes A Village *


MP3 Joy in Repentance

MP3 Just the Way You Are…Sort Of

MP3 Just Wait


MP3 Kingdom Contagion

MP3 MP3 Kingdom Treasure

MP3 Kingdom Treasure


MP3 MP3 Late to the Party

MP3 Leaving It All Behind

MP3 Let's Talk About Love

MP3 Living Out Pentecost

MP3 Living the Legacy *

MP3 Living Water: Transformed Lives *

MP3 MP3 Looking for Jesus in all the Wrong Places

MP3 Loving Like Jesus


MP3 MP3 Make Way!

MP3 Mission Trip to Colombia *

MP3 Modern Day Pharisees

MP3 MP3 Mom's Greatest Gift


MP3 MP3 Never Alone

MP3 New Beginnings *

MP3 No Fear


MP3 Our God: Idealist and Realist

MP3 Overwhelmed by God


MP3 Palm Sunday 2016 *

MP3 MP3 Paying it Forward

MP3 People of Hope

MP3 Peter's First Responders

MP3 MP3 Pop Quiz

MP3 Praise and Witness

MP3 Prayer is Faith

MP3 Prayers for a New Year


MP3 Reflections on Camp Oneida *

MP3 Reflections on the Lord's Prayer *

MP3 Rights and Consequences

MP3 Romans 10:9-13

MP3 Romans 11

MP3 Romans 1:1-17

MP3 Romans 1:18-2:11

MP3 Romans 12:3-8

MP3 Romans 12:9-21

MP3 Romans 13:11-14

MP3 Romans 13:1-7

MP3 Romans 13:8-10

MP3 Romans 14:1-15:13

MP3 Romans 15:14-33

MP3 Romans 16:1-27

MP3 Romans 2:12-3:20

MP3 Romans 3:21-26

MP3 Romans 3:27-4:25

MP3 Romans 5:1-21

MP3 Romans 6:1-23

MP3 Romans 7:1-25

MP3 Romans 8:1-17a

MP3 Romans 8:18-39

MP3 Romans 9:1-29


MP3 Saying Thank You

MP3 Sexual Orientation - What Jesus Said

MP3 Sexual Orientation - What Paul Said

MP3 Sexual Orientation - What the Old Testament Says

MP3 Sightings of Jesus

MP3 Sinners Seeking Jesus

MP3 Stories Behind the Hymns *

MP3 Strength In A Storm (Part 1) *

MP3 Strength In A Storm (Part 2) *

MP3 MP3 Such Foolishness, Such Love

MP3 Sunday School Graduation *


MP3 That Was Harsh!

MP3 That You Might Have Life

MP3 The Beatitudes

MP3 The Church is a Community

MP3 The Cost of Discipleship

MP3 The Cost of Discipleship - Contentment

MP3 The Cost of Discipleship - It's All or Nothing

MP3 The Cost of Discipleship - Seeking the Lost

MP3 The Dark Side of God

MP3 MP3 The Devil Made Me Do It

MP3 The Family Table

MP3 The First Creation Story

MP3 The High Calling of Leadership

MP3 The Human Condition

MP3 The Law of the Kingdom compared to Mosaic Law *

MP3 The Lord Is My Shepherd

MP3 The Lord's Prayer: Holy Father

MP3 The Parable of the Good Samaritan *

MP3 The Parable of the Sower

MP3 The Parables of the Lost Sheep, Coin, & Son

MP3 The Proof is in the Pudding

MP3 MP3 There is Always Hope

MP3 The Sabbath

MP3 The Second Creation Story

MP3 The Story that Transcends History

MP3 The Things We Cling To

MP3 The Unforgivable Sin

MP3 The Vine & The Branches *

MP3 The Word Learned and Lived

MP3 Thine Is The Kingdom

MP3 Thirsting for God

MP3 This Is The Moment

MP3 Time for a Nap *

MP3 MP3 To Be or Not To Be

MP3 To Love Like God Loves *

MP3 To Love Like God Loves

MP3 To Love Like God Loves: Forgiveness

MP3 To Whom Do You Belong?

MP3 MP3 Twisting in the Wind


MP3 We Are So Blessed

MP3 What Are We Here For? *

MP3 What Defines Us As A People?

MP3 What Did You Return?

MP3 MP3 What Goes Up Must Come Down

MP3 MP3 What Governs Me?

MP3 What is God Like? *

MP3 What Is Scripture? (Part 1)

MP3 What Is Scripture? (Part 2)

MP3 What Is Scripture? (Part 3)

MP3 What Jesus Said About Money

MP3 What Makes a Dad Great

MP3 What's In Your Stocking?

MP3 What's On Your Credit Card?

MP3 What's On Your Table?

MP3 What's Under Your Tree?

MP3 MP3 Who Could Blame Thomas?

MP3 Who Is He?

MP3 Who is Jesus to You? *

MP3 MP3 Who Is Your Shepherd?

MP3 Who Knows *

MP3 Who or What Are You Following?

MP3 MP3 Whose Crop is This?

MP3 MP3 Whose Image is On You?

MP3 MP3 Why?

MP3 MP3 Why are you Religious?

MP3 Why Baptism?

MP3 MP3 Why Did You Not Believe Him?

MP3 Why Do You Call Me Lord?

MP3 Wise Beyond Years *

MP3 Women: What God Said *

MP3 Women: What Jesus Said

MP3 Women: What Paul Said

MP3 Wonders of the Human Mind *


MP3 Young in the Lord