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First Baptist Church

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Bible Study — “Talk Back”

Date:January 17, 2018
Ages:Adults (18 and up)
What:Explore more deeply last Sunday's sermon and Bible passages with Rev. Maguire.

Discussion Starters

  1. Who were or are the most significant teachers in your life? Why were they significant?
  2. What is most important: the teacher or the ideas they teach? Perhaps it is a bit of both?
  3. What motivated Greek teachers and Hebrew teachers? What motivated John the Baptist? How was Jesus different than these others?
  4. As a follower of Jesus what is the most important aspect of being a disciple?
  5. How would you describe your faith to someone else? What words would you use to describe yourself? E.g., Baptist, etc.
  6. Why is it dangerous to know things about Jesus, but not know Him personally? What happens when we know about Him but do not know Him?
  7. Why is the story of Phillip and Nathaniel so important that John preserved it for us?
  8. What implications of this story in John 1 are there for evangelism and mission?
  9. How do we cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus as individuals and as a community of faith?
  10. Jesus promised Nathaniel he would see greater things. What greater things did he see? Do wee see?

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